Fighting Corruption

Seth believes the people of Illinois have lost faith and trust in their elected officials. Illinois’ government needs more transparency and accountability to fight corruption.

The Illinois Senate needs more leaders like Seth to fight for term limits and fair maps, by putting people back in charge of the politicians and not the other way around. We need advocates who will continue to put people over politics at a time when Illinois needs it most.

Seth has signed a term limits pledge, and when he was inaugurated to the State House in 2021, he immediately declined both his taxpayer-funded government pension and state health insurance. Seth was a co-sponsor of a bill that would limit legislative leaders from serving no more than ten consecutive years in that role.  

Additionally, Seth introduced the Local Government Term Limit Review Act which would require various units of government to vote on whether to impose term limits for the chairpersons, presidents, or executives of their governing bodies.

Valuing Education

As the husband of an educator and a father of two boys who progressed through the public school system, Seth understands the problems facing teachers and students. Seth believes in empowering parents in their children’s education while expanding educational opportunities in our community, including the investment in vocational training for students who want to obtain practical workforce skills. Seth is an engineer by trade and knows the importance of a skilled workforce to fill jobs in Illinois.

Because property taxes in our community fund the majority of our schools, Seth believes there is a need for significant property tax reform to finally give families the security they need to pay their tax bills.

Revitalizing Illinois’ Economy

Seth is focused on making Illinois a place where businesses want to move into, not leave. As a former manufacturing operations manager and current small business owner, Seth knows the effects of high property taxes and burdensome regulations that continue to drive jobs and companies to surrounding states.

As a husband and father, Seth understands firsthand the problems facing Illinois families such as high taxes and skyrocketing inflation. Homeowners are being forced out of their homes, college graduates cannot find work, and retirees fear for their financial security.

As he has done in the House, Seth will go to the Senate as an independent voice to solve problems, not point fingers.

Independent Voice for Common Ground

Springfield is in chaos with career politicians in gridlock over satisfying their party bosses. Springfield needs more independent leaders who aren’t beholden to special interests or political parties.

As a small business owner, Seth knows the value of compromise to achieve solutions. Seth will continue to be an independent voice to find common ground with Republicans and Democrats just as he has in the House. This was recognized when he was named the Best House Republican of 2021 due to him being “A reasonable guy who votes his district, even when it means breaking with most of his caucus.”

Illinois needs more leaders who are devoted to working across the aisle to find common-sense solutions.