Chicago Tribune Editorial: Cristina H. Pacione-Zayas, Laura Ellman, Dennis Reboletti, Seth Lewis, Karina Villa, Dan McConchie, Bill Robertson for Illinois Senate

"Lewis, an experienced and relatively moderate Republican voice with a strong track record of service, clearly is the best choice in this district. He has our endorsement."

Endorsement: Lewis for Illinois Senate Dist. 24

"Lewis has co-sponsored legislation with numerous suburban Democrats on other issues, so he's proven he can find common ground. Lewis is endorsed."

Funding Released for Transit Improvements Throughout Lewis' 45th District

“This funding will bring necessary improvements to make our transit systems better, more efficient, and safer for the long-term,” said Rep. Lewis. “This is a huge amount of funding that will ignite the local economy but also enable the entire state of Illinois to be more attractive as a transit hub.”

Lewis Legislation to Create the Indian American Advisory Council Signed into Law

“In Illinois, we are blessed with an active and vibrant Indian American community. I am proud to have introduced legislation to create the Indian American Advisory Council and give this community a greater voice in our government,” said Lewis. “This legislation provides a direct line for Indian Americans in Illinois to express their opinions on policies that directly affect their community.”

Rep. Lewis Statement on Madigan Indictment

Question of the day: 2021 Golden Horseshoe Awards

The 2021 Golden Horseshoe Award for Best House Republican goes to Rep. Seth Lewis

Lewis passes Cal’s Law out of the Illinois House of Representatives

Lewis Votes “Yea” on Leader Term Limits

Representative Seth Lewis Rejects Legislative Pension, Taxpayer-Funded Health Insurance